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Soundtrack Thursday: Week 5

Hello all.  Today we’re taking a peek at the soundtrack for the movie “On the Waterfront.”  This film is on the docket as this week’s random selection for the IMDB Top 250 Quest. And guess who composed the soundtrack?  Leonard … Continue reading

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Week 4: Soundtrack Thursday?

Well, unsurprisingly the flick that is often compared to Tarantino movies does not have an original soundtrack.  Not too big a deal, really, but it leaves little to talk about.  Of course, it being British means there’s quite a bit … Continue reading

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Thursday: Casino Soundtrack

Well, I like to take a chance to listen to the soundtrack for the films we’re going to watch.  Many of them have eclectic, non-original soundtracks, though.  Casino is definitely one of those!  Full of songs you’ve probably already heard … Continue reading

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Soundtrack Thursday: Week 2

The “There Will Be Blood” soundtrack was written by Radiohead guitarist-extraordinaire Jonny Greenwood.  He was tapped specifically because Paul Thomas Anderson was a big Radiohead fan and enjoyed his scoring work in the movie “Bodysong.” The tracklist includes the following … Continue reading

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