Week 6: Rotten Wednesday, Glowing Reviews for the Third Man?

You know what Wednesday means!  This week we’re tackling another film from generations ago, The Third Man.  The trailer didn’t give us all that much to latch onto, but at 104 minutes this should be a rather bearable ride.  Today, we’re taking a look at some aggregate ratings for this movie.  How does it fare

Critical reception: 100% based on 59 critics

Audience reception: 93% based on 45,000 reviews

The Third Man comes with another glowing recommendation from the critics.  Audiences seem to agree that it’s pretty sweet, too.  So this movie packs a wollop when it comes to popular opinion.

So what do they have to say about it specifically?

“I hate being asked what my favorite movie of all time is. It’s too hard. There’s too many to choose from. But when push comes to shove, I always name “The Third Man.” And so when the idea of starting a monthly movie club came up, it seemed the inevitable place to start. I can only envy the viewer who gets to encounter Reed’s movie for the first time.”

David Ansen, The Daily Beast

David’s review was a little short on substance, but it was glowing.  He loved its noir, especially, and the zither score.

“…a gripping, multi-layered thriller that reflected the ambience of the cynical political arrangements in post WWII Vienna.”

Emanuel Levy, www.emanuellevy.com

Right there is another glowing review, one that I suggest you go check out yourself.  It appears there are plot details spoiled, so keep that in mind!

All in all, the consensus is strong and favors the noir atmosphere of this film.  In addition, everybody seems to be in love with the musical score and the cinematography.  For my sake, I never really notice the visuals of the film and marvel at them.  For me, it will subconsciously steal from the film to have bad cinematography, at best.  I simply do not have an eye for it.  That gets me a little nervous when one of the major praises is the visual aspect of the film.  It goes over my head, normally.   I like to remember the main points favored or disfavored by the critics and incorporate them into my thoughts on the movie after the show.

Apparently, there was not too much worth criticizing here.  A tale of the uneasy relations in post-war Vienna between different nationalities?  Count me in!  I’m quite a bit more psyched to see this movie after Rotten Wednesday.


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Zach works as a medical writer in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and Dice Masters.
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