Aside: 6 movies in and no streams

I have been paying attention to this phenomenon since the beginning of the Quest.  Netflix is arguably the largest purveyor of online streaming and DVD rental subscriptions.  I primarily use my account for streaming.  Rather, my wife streams a lot of shows.  I would love to use this service to follow the IMDB Top 250 Quest, but alas!  Not a single movie so far on the journey has been available for streaming.  You can certainly get all the DVDs, so there’s that.  But these are movies, judged by consensus, to be the best of all time.  I just think it’s hilarious to find none so far that have been available to stream.

You can’t even argue that it’s because all the movies have been old.  There Will Be Blood was also not available for online play.  I’ve had to go through other means to get every movie.  We’re not exactly talking Ricky 1 here.  It makes me wonder if there is some kind of running copyright issue or something technical related to getting these on the stream, but I’ve seen a lot of old stuff on there.  You can stream the old X-Men show, silent films, and other things that have no shine of newness.

It’s odd!


About Zach

Zach works as a medical writer in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and Dice Masters.
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