Week 5: Complete!

On the Waterfront!  Today’s Friday, and as I’ve been mentioning, we’re getting this week’s film done early.  Voila.  I will be without Internet tomorrow, rendering me unable to make a post.  No matter.
How did I like this Brando classic?  It was quite good!  I felt that the beginning transitioning into the middle was a little dragged, but once the conflicts started coming to heads I was pretty well hooked.  I loved the characters presented.  There tends to be a sort of shouty kind of acting that goes on in these old films I’ve seen.  The dialogue will feel forced, stilted.  The script itself is usually weak.  I did not feel that way about this movie.

Was it worth 100% on Rotten Tomatoes?  Maybe not quite so much.  It wasn’t a perfect film.  I felt their soundscaping was well-done, and I’m glad the musical score was used sparingly.  The way the music itself was done just didn’t gel for me very well.  It didn’t feel integrated into the movie, partly due to mixing- something I doubt they had so much control over in the 50s- and partly due to the composition.  It felt more like “music inspired by ‘On the Waterfront'” than incidental music.  For me, the fact that they chose to use silence more often than not made a striking impression.  Movies seem not to do that today unless they’re about to jump something out at you.
Marlon Brando was awesome.  I’m sure you needed to see me say that to confirm what you’ve heard.  Eva Marie Saint was as good as she subsequently was in “North by Northwest.”  On the whole, I liked the performances a lot.  There were a lot of minor players, tough guys who had to be meek.  It doesn’t seem so easy to convey.

Would I recommend it?  Yep!  You bet.  I don’t know that I could sit through it again any time too soon.  It did drag a bit, and the music got a little annoying.

One other thing, I wish there was some resource on the web that could easily put into perspective what kind of money these guys were making.  Charlie pleading with Terry that this job will pay “$400 a week!” doesn’t resonate with us well in the 21st century.  It would be neat to read about how much money that actually was, perhaps from someone who lived at the time.  Ah, well.

Good movie, good time.  Didn’t regret this watch in the least!


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Zach works as a medical writer in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and Dice Masters.
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