Week 3: Final Thoughts

I’ve been thinking more about the movie Casino since yesterday.  Still a good flick, no doubt!  I got to wondering about how I felt about Ace Rothstein, how he was pretty much the only character I sympathized with.  It got me wondering more about the man the character was actually based off of.

That led me down the rabbit hole to interesting facts.  Of course, Casino was based off the non-fiction book “Casino.”  The character of Nicky was especially true to form, down to the means by which they thieved from different stores (drilling holes into walls).  The woman who was murdered for suing the mob frontman in the middle of the film?  Same thing happened in real life, too.  Cornfield at the end of the movie?  Yep, happened in real life.

I just think it’s cool!

The Sam Rothstein character was based off Frank Rosenthal, and I began to wonder if my sympathy for his character would have been so great had it not been played with such charisma by Robert De Niro.  This is  something I’ve encountered in many different film adaptations of real stories.  Frank Rosenthal in real life could have been a real goon with no redeeming qualities and no care for anybody, unlike his on-screen counterpart.  Ginger may have been more sympathetic in real life (Geraldine McGee) and less of a worthless piece of trash.  Her drug abuse and alcoholism were not made up, though, so she could have been that crazy.

Hard to say, overall.  I just like when these things parallel correctly.  It lends the movie more gravity and makes me like it even more!


If you haven’t seen Casino, then I highly recommend it!


About Zach

Zach works as a medical writer in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and Dice Masters.
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