Week 3: Complete!

Finished watching Casino a little while ago, the third movie in the IMDB Quest. How was it? Unsurprisingly, its place on the top 250 is deserved! I liked this movie a lot, and did not really agree with the negative reviews. They focused primarily on three aspects, by my reckoning:

1) Too long. Clocking in at just shy of three hours, Casino is definitely a commitment. I honestly did not feel time being wasted, though. For me, the pacing kept up, and there was so much happening that was interesting. I periodically checked the time left on it but mostly out of curiosity. I did not feel that length really acted as a detriment to this movie.

2) Too much narration. There was plenty, and at times it sounded a little unnatural, like cuts had been made during pauses to speed the narration along, but I found it added a character to the movie and also explained so much of what was going on. It was pivotal and kept me interested.

3) It’s not Goodfellas. I can’t address this. The only thing I know about Goodfellas is that Joe Pesci beats a guy with a bat. We’ll get to that one eventually.

It wasn’t a perfect movie. The only main character I cared about was Ace, since his character felt like more the victim of bad circumstance and some pride. Pesci’s character was a delightful sociopath with a lot of energy and no remorse. He was fun, but I was never rooting for him. Sharon Stone’s character was infuriating throughout. I don’t know if you’re supposed to feel sorry for her, but she just seemed shrill and generally awful as a person.

Pretty much everything else in there I liked. The soundtrack was cool, even if it felt a little thrown together and purposeless save for “here’s a contemporary song about the situation we’re showing” at best. Not bad, not the best by far.

All in all, I didn’t regret week 3. Casino was an epic little ride that shows you lots of cool stuff and teaches you why normal people could never work with the mob like these guys can.


About Zach

Zach works as a medical writer in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and Dice Masters.
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